Heart Painting

To create a painting with the main subject being a heart. Not something easy to do as hearts are something that have been really diluted in today’s day and age. I wanted to try and make something cool, with a nature-y background while still maintaining the simplicity of a cartoon heart. So I chose to paint a bunch of tree trunks growing out of a heart.


Originally I was going to have the tree leaves be fall coloured. So that meant vibrant oranges, yellows, and reds. Unfortunately, this took away from the center of interest, which was the heart. I toned them down layer by layer with all shades of green. And eventually the orange soon disappeared. However the leaves on the bottom still had a small bit of orange. I decided to keep it as I thought it resembled flowers. This was not the case for the leaves on the top left.  They were eventually painted completely green.

More blades of grass were added to the bottom of the piece, and the painting looked much more focused after these changes.


(Click on photos to see full size)