Finished Project


ISU: After-project Thoughts

After completing this project, all I can say is thank you to yellow paint. Yellow acrylic makes everything better whether it’s with flames, or simply adding highlights to plants. It was really a lifesaver when doing this project.
One of the main challenges of this project was glass. I have only ever drawn glass during that grade 9 jar drawing. So this was almost a whole new thing for me. Having it be in paint was even more strange. In general, I think I captured the image, but I still feel as though there are improvements to be made in particular with how an object is seen though glass.
Fire was another challenge with this project. I looked at images of fire, and one thing stuck out: fire is very yellow. A lot of clip art and cartoons show fire as orange and red, but in reality, fire is almost completely yellow. This was difficult for me to achieve as yellow is such a translucent colour. I had to do many layers in order to get the colour I have now, and I feel a few more layers would help the painting.
I really like the way the plants turned out in the painting. Especially the stem and leaves on the plant to the left. The water in the vases is a little too opaque for my tastes. The background I really like as it feels rustic, contrasts the fire, and fits with the sort of lush feeling of the painting.
I feel the simple, minimalist cover for the painting is a better design. But I felt the complex cover better fits the amount of work this project calls for.
In general, I think I was successful in this project. The process was well documented, and I think the painting turned out well. A little more preliminary work and thumbnails would help this project however.

I decided not to add the text in for the cover as that is usually something added separately from the picture itself. Also I wanted to keep the raw picture intact. Where I would put the text is demonstrated in rough drawings.