Preliminary Work



For my ISU, I am going to create a cover for a story/novel. Ideas for both complex/intricate covers and simple/graphic covers will be considered. The story is called Foxglove.

The idea for my ISU came from book covers I have seen. Ideas can be conveyed through busy, heavily detailed illustrations, or simple, minimalistic symbols. The era in which a book was published in as well as printing technology play a big role in just how illustrated the cover will be.

Just looking at the text you can see the huge change between two styles. The Shining‘s original log is distorted and seriffed. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows’ font is seriffed as well, and uses two different fonts. Their simplistic counterparts are subdued, serif-free, and generally cleaner looking

Painting: The Process

For the final product, I decided to go with the complex cover demonstrating a scene within the story.

Font Ideas:

foxglove font


Rough work:

Cover ideas:

Close-up of a character’s face

A complex drawing of a scene in the story

A simple symbol of a brain with foxglove flowers in its silhouette

*”1st cover concept 2″ is where the title text would be placed in final product.


Materials Used: