If I were to pick my favourite print, it would have to be this one. Not because it’s perfect printed, perfectly planned. In fact it’s more of the opposite. This print represents the happy little mistakes you do in art that force you to do a double take long after the ink has been placed. When I first printed this piece, I didn’t really think much of it. Just a black print on red. But that’s because I saw it as two different prints. When I looked at them as one, I realized that unlike my other prints, this one tells a story. There is a certain repetition to it. To me it looks like one print is pulling or sucking away all the colour and energy from the other. There is certainly more value on the left, creating a informal and contrasted composition. I really like how the black on the right looks wet, while the right looks solid.  The fact that many of the dead plants on the right print are fading away only cements the theme of fading. This is also one of my later prints, so it’s completely carved with both plants on the bottom, creating a much fuller image.